ISSN: 2162-9161
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So Just Make a Difference: A Unique Approach to Leadership and Social Justice Education

Kathy L. Guthrie, Amber E. Hampton


Exploration of social justice issues need to be integrated into a person’s life. Development in the understanding of social justice cannot be done in one course or conversation on a college campus. This article describes how one institution of higher education in the United States focused on the creation and implementation of a Social Justice Living Learning Community. In this community, students explore social justice issues through taking courses together, living on the same residence hall floor and reflecting on their own development. The words “So Just…” have become an active reference to this living learning community culture. Those two simple words capture the community’s vision to become aware and engaged in social justice issues. The use of leadership theory in program framework, practical implementation strategies of building community, education and reflection, as well as, successes, challenges and implications of this program will be explored.


Social Justice Education; Service Learning; Living Learning Community; Co-Curricular Programming; Peer Mentoring; Intergroup Dialogue

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DOI: 10.21768/ejopa.v6i1.105