ISSN: 2162-9161
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“Not Just a Year of Social Justice Education”: A university/community collaboration to enhance and support social justice

Linda P. Thurston


This case study describes an educational initiative originating in a College of Education and engaging both the larger university and the community, examines the role of leadership for social justice through an educational leadership lens, and analyzes the role of the university in promoting social justice education across a university-community context.  The case in this study, an initiative called, “Not Just A Year of Social Justice Education” (NJAY), was a practice in distributed and transformative leadership, community engagement, and informal social justice education. Included are reflections about the role of the university in developing socially just citizens, the process of collaboration community engagement for social justice, and the overt and covert role of leadership that must be both transformative and pragmatic. We conclude by discussing implications for the development of approaches intended to better promote and support social justice within the context of university/community collaboration in an era of neoliberal influence.


education; leadership; social justice

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DOI: 10.21768/ejopa.v6i1.119