ISSN: 2162-9161

Vol 6, No 1 (2017)

Civic Leadership for Social Justice


Table of Contents


Why Civic Leadership for Social Justice? PDF
Brandon W. Kliewer, Kerry L. Priest


The Politics of Knowledge: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Justice Work in Higher Education Institutions PDF
Timothy J. Shaffer
“Not Just a Year of Social Justice Education”: A university/community collaboration to enhance and support social justice PDF
Linda P. Thurston
So Just Make a Difference: A Unique Approach to Leadership and Social Justice Education PDF
Kathy L. Guthrie, Amber E. Hampton
Self-Stigmatizing Identity and Democratic Participation Among Low-Income Individuals PDF
Ruth Johnson Cronje, Gregory Thomas Nelson, Kali J. Boldt, Gabrielle Schmidt, Rachel Keniston, Laurelyn (Weiseman) Sandkamp


Imploring the Next Generation of Scholars PDF
Lori E. Kniffin
Book review: When We Fight, We Win! PDF
RJ Youngblood


Deliberation: An Introduction PDF
John J. Theis, Jose Vela
Cops and Crowds PDF
Darrell Hamlin