ISSN: 2162-9161

Vol 7, No 2 (2018)

Cultural Competency Pedagogy in Graduate Public Affairs Education


Table of Contents


Introductory Essay: Setting the Stage for Highlighting Work in Cultural Competency Pedagogy
April Jackson, Marla Parker, Lisa Turner DeVera


Cultural Humility: An Open Door for Planners to Locate Themselves and Decolonize Planning Theory, Education and Practice
Elizabeth L. Sweet
Inspiring Leadership and Social Innovation Through Cultural Humility: Overcoming Critical Theory, Positivism, and Postmodernism in Planning Education
Ivis Garcia
Transformative Action: A Theoretical Framework for Breaking New Ground
Alexis Jemal, Sarah Bussey
Building Sustainable Civic Capacity in Urban Education Reform: Actors, Perceptions, and Recommendations for Inclusive Public Policy
Michael Guo-Brennan, Linyuan Guo-Brennan
Using Community-Based Advocacy to Inform Culturally Competent Urban Planning Curricula
Monique López, Adonia Lugo, Omar Vargas, Allison Mattheis
Moving the Needle: Early Findings on Faculty Approaches to Integrate Culturally Competent Pedagogy into Educational Spaces
April Jackson, Marla Parker, Lisa Turner DeVera, Ivis Garcia Zambrana, Tisha Holmes, Ellen Shiau, Christina Medina
Mindfulness, Motivation and Intercultural Competency among Faculty and Staff: Examining Impacts of the Global Partner Certificate Workshops
Shengli Dong, Aleksandra Nesic, Christina Colgary, Jadelyn Martinez, Jessika Guerard
Cultural Research to Action: Course Design for Intersectional Cultural Competency
Dmitri S Seals
Queering Cultural Competence for Planning and Public Policy
Petra Doan, Angela Lieber


Joseph Romance


Aligning our pedagogy and practices with our culturally competency goals: Clarifying the learning continuum
Jose W Melendez