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Innovative Ideas in Civic Engagement across Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges

Shyam K. Sriram, Amy Atchison, Elizabeth Bennion, John Forren, Arthur Sanders, John Theis


While civic engagement continues to be a buzzword in political science, there is still a lack of discussion about what practices work, and in what context. In particular, are there certain initiatives to engage that do particularly well at two-year colleges versus larger universities? What about colleges with diverse student populations? At the 2014 annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, seven scholar-teachers came together to discuss civic engagement at their respective institutions and to share ideas about what worked. Collectively, we represented a diverse group of institutions, including teaching and research universities as well as multi-campus community colleges. All of us, however, were focused on implementing practices that ameliorated American civic knowledge among students, faculty, staff, and universities as a whole. While some of us focused on global civic engagement and giving students the skills to succeed after graduation, others tailored projects on media literacy, public policy, humanitarian law, poverty, and citizenship.


civic engagement, service learning, community college, university, global literacy, global engagement, citizenship, media literacy, public policy

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DOI: 10.21768/ejopa.v4i3.101