ISSN: 2162-9161

Vol 6, No 2 (2017)

Special Issue on Public Engagement and Literacy Research


Literacy scholars embrace community engagement as a way to become involved in critical contemporary conversations. Yet, researchers should not be seduced by romantic, well-intentioned motives of community work and fail to acknowledge who is being served by their research?  We invite submissions for a special issue on the challenges and opportunities of public engagement and literacy research.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Editorial: A Kudos Moment 179-PDF
Andrew Lokie


Public Engagement and Literacy Research 175-PDF
Carolyn Colvin


The Stories They Tell: Giving, Receiving, and Engaged Scholarship with/in Urban Communities 163-PDF
Ashley N. Patterson, Valerie Kinloch, Emily A. Nemeth
The Absent Voices: Who’s Left Out of Community-Engaged Research in Teacher Education? 148-PDF
Meghan Barnes
“Now We Need to Write Something that People Will Read”: Examining Youth Choices as Perspectives of Literacy Research 150-PDF
Joanne E. Marciano, Vaughn W. M. Watson
Reciprocity in the Practice of Publicly Engaged Scholarship – Reflections from a Transnational Literacy Project 157-PDF
Kate E. Kedley, Hector Efren Flores A.
Going Public: Teaching Undergraduates How to Write for Broad Audiences 155-PDF
Amy Alison Lannin, Nancy M. West