ISSN: 2162-9161

Vol 5, No 2 (2016)

Educating for Democracy


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Dr. Marc Cooper Dedication PDF
Andrew P Lokie


The Evolving Role of Higher Education in U.S. Democracy PDF
Nancy Thomas, Jodi Benenson


Student Political Engagement in the Co-Curriculum: Understanding the Role of Senior Student Affairs Officers PDF
Demetri L. Morgan, Cecilia M. Orphan
New Resources for Civic Engagement: The National Survey of Student Leaders and the Consortium for Inter-Campus SoTL Research PDF
J. Cherie Strachan, Elizabeth A. Bennion
Teaching Deliberative Democracy Deliberatively PDF
Timothy J. Shaffer
Implementing the Political Engagement Project in an Introductory Communication Course: An Examination of the Effects on Students’ Political Knowledge, Efficacy, Skills, Behavior, and Ideology PDF
Stephen K. Hunt, Kevin R. Meyer, John F. Hooker, Cheri J. Simonds, Lance R. Lippert
Reimagining Civic Education in our Colleges and Universities: The Influence of Deliberation on Students Perceptions of Political Participation PDF
Windy Y. Lawrence, John J. Theis

Invited Commentary

Addressing Political Inequality by Restoring the Civic Mission of Higher Education PDF
Abraham Goldberg
The American Electoral Process: A Never-ending "Teachable Moment" PDF
Elizabeth Christine Matto
Community Colleges and Educating for Democracy PDF
Carrie B. Kisker, John J. Theis, Alberto R. Olivas
Student activism, institutional amnesia and power: Lessons from the #fordhall2015 Brandeis student protests PDF
Callie Watkins Liu
Memories of College Activism in an Undocumented Student Support Group PDF
Matias N Ramos